Whitebox GAT for making pretty maps?

I spend most of my time in Whitebox GAT performing geospatial analyses of one kind or another. I’ll certainly admit that in terms of developing Whitebox the emphasis has always been on advanced geospatial analysis and that cartographic output has taken a lower-priority role. Nonetheless, Whitebox can be used to make some rather stunning maps. Here’s an example of a beautiful map that I recently created for a report that I thought I’d share as an example of what can be accomplished:

Example Whitebox map

An example of a beautiful map created using Whitebox GAT. Click on the image for a full sized version.

The map was created entirely in Whitebox GAT and exported as an image for inclusion in the report. (Before my students start wagging their fingers at me…I know that it’s missing a title. Be assured that the title was provided by the figure caption within the report.) If you would like to see some cartographic capability that is not already incorporated in Whitebox GAT, send me a feature request (Help menu -> New Feature Request) and I’ll put it on my Extended To-Do list. So, as always, best wishes and happy map-making 😉

John Lindsay