GISRUK 2014 Glasgow

GISRUK 2014 in Glasgow Scotland just finished up. It was a wonderful conference showcasing some of the most exciting GIS-based research in the UK and other places. It’s particularly encouraging to see some of the bright young minds that are working on some of the most challenging problems facing our discipline. Jane Drummond and her colleagues at the University of Glasgow did a fantastic job of hosting the annual conference. A special thanks to them for making sure that the sun shined during the entire time we were in Glasgow, something that I gather is quite an accomplishment.

I gave a talk on Whitebox GAT and have attached a copy of the slides from that presentation below:

Lindsay GISRUK 2014

And here is the accompanying paper:

Lindsay, J.B. (2014) The Whitebox Geospatial Analysis Tools project and open-access GIS, Proceedings of the GIS Research UK 22nd Annual Conference, The University of Glasgow, 16-18 April.

And Robin Lovelace kindly uploaded a video of my presentation to YouTube which can be viewed here. Please let me know if you have any feedback in the comments section below.

John Lindsay