Whitebox GAT Usage

It is difficult to get reliable information about the usage of open-source software like Whitebox GAT. With the recent release of Whitebox 3.4 ‘Montreal’, I decided to undertake an analytical exercise to try and figure out where Whitebox GAT is being used based on some download information that I had accumulating in my inbox. This work updates a previous survey that I carried out a number of years back, shortly after the 1.0 release. Examining nearly 21,000 downloads of the software, I discovered the following:

  • Whitebox GAT has been downloaded in at least 178 counties worldwide, with the top 10 countries, in terms of number of downloads, being the United States, Canada, India, Italy, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Spain.
  • Whitebox GAT has been downloaded in 5149 cities around the globe. The map below shows each city in which Whitebox GAT was downloaded at least one time over the past four years. The cities with the greatest number of downloads include: Pretoria (South Africa), Mountain View (US), Johannesburg (South Africa), Toronto (Canada), Chisinau (Moldova), Durham (US), Santiago (Chile), London (Canada), Guelph (Canada), New Delhi (India), Beijing (China), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Athens (Greece).



Cities where Whitebox GAT has been downloaded. Each city has been marked as a red dot.

While the Whitebox Project is not as large scale or fully resourced as some of the bigger open-source GIS projects (e.g. QGIS, GRASS GIS), this survey did demonstrate that it is being used quite widely. Most notably, interest in Whitebox GAT is extensive throughout Europe and North America, but there is healthy sized user communities in many other regions as well. We’re please with how well the project is growing and are always interested in hearing how people are applying the software. If you have an interesting Whitebox GAT success story, let us know.


6 thoughts on “Whitebox GAT Usage

  1. John Lovette says:

    I recently stumbled onto Whitebox on the advice of my adviser (Larry Band) and have really enjoyed using it since, especially as a few of the tools have helped inspire some dissertation work. We’re trying to incorporate quite a few exercises using Whitebox into a watershed GIS course this semester, so a handful of those downloads in and around Chapel Hill, NC can very likely be explained by us “forcing” it on the students. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this software!

    • Thanks for your comment John. I was aware that Prof. Band was using Whitebox previously and I’m glad to hear that he is still doing so. He was actually my PhD adviser’s (Irena Creed) PhD advisor, making him my ‘academic grandparent’. I suspect that he’s aware of this fact though. Anyhow, I always appreciate the feedback.

  2. William Lidberg says:

    Thank you for making Whitebox such an awesome program! I have learned a lot of useful GIS basics such as scripting, and I have used Whitebox to create national wet area maps of Sweden. The 1.15 TB LiDAR DEM was easily handled using “run plugin in parallel” Keep up the great work!

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