Workflow Automation Part 2

In my earlier post on workflow automation in Whitebox, Simon Seibert left a comment asking, “I would like to know if it possible to include for loops in the Scripter as well? I would like to run the same script over many files. Could you also provide an example for such a problem?” Well Simon, yes you can. Here is an example of a simple Python script that finds all of the raster files contained within the current working directory and then performs a very simple analysis on each file:

import os
# The following code will find each raster
# file (.dep) in the working directory and
# then run a mean filter on the image.
wd = pluginHost.getWorkingDirectory()
a = 1
for file in os.listdir(wd):
  if file.endswith(".dep"):
    inputFile = wd + file
    outputFile = wd +"output" + str(a) + ".dep"
    a += 1
    xDim = "3"
    yDim = "3"
    rounded = "false"
    reflectEdges = "true"
    args = [inputFile, outputFile, xDim, yDim, rounded, reflectEdges]
    pluginHost.runPlugin("FilterMean", args, False)

If you want to take it to the next level, you can parallelize the script so that each iteration is run on a separate thread. So, there you have it. Leave your comments below and, as always, best wishes and happy geoprocessing.


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