Updated Whitebox GAT website

I gave the Whitebox GAT home page (http://www.uoguelph.ca/~hydrogeo/Whitebox/) a bit of a refresh the other day, initiated by the need to find a new place to host the Whitebox GAT compiled downloadable file. It was previously hosted on the same Google Code page that acts as the Whitebox source code repository. Unfortunately however Google has changed their policy and will no longer, as of January, allow for the posting of new downloadable files.  So you can now obtain Whitebox from the Whitebox GAT home page hosted on the University of Gueph site. I’ve also updated several of the other pages on the home page, including a posting of several of the laboratory exercises that I use Whitebox for in two of my undergraduate classes. There’s now a link provided there to the Whitebox GAT listserv as well. I intend to add more resources for developers as well, e.g. a tutorial on how to use Whitebox’s native scripting functionality to create new tools, something that I’ve been doing a lot of lately.